Blaine: Latte? This is Wes and David.
Kurt: I have to say, it’s very civilized for you to invite me for coffee before beating me up for spying.
Warbler: We’re not gonna beat you up. We thought you were such a terrible spy, it was sort of endearing.
Blaine: Which made me think spying wasn’t really the reason you came.
Kurt: Can I ask you guys a question? You guys are all gay?
Blaine: No. I mean, I am, but these two both have girlfriends.
Warbler: This isn’t a gay school, we just have a zero tolerance for harassment policy. Everybody gets treated the same no matter what they are. It’s pretty simple.
Blaine: Would you guys excuse us?
*Wes and David leave*
Blaine: I take it you’re having trouble at school?
Kurt: I’m the only person at my school who’s out of the closet, and I try to be strong about it but there’s this Neanderthal who’s made it his mission to make my life a living hell. Nobody even notices. It’s like background noise at this point.
Blaine: I know what you mean. I was taunted at my old school and it pissed me off. I even complained to the faculty and they were sympathetic and all, but nobody really understood. They were like, “Hey, I mean, if you’re gay you’re life’s just supposed to be miserable or something. Sorry. Nothing we can do.” To me, gays are sort of the last group that it’s okay to make fun of. So I came here… simple as that. So you have two options. I mean, I’d love to invite you to enroll here, but I know that Dalton’s tuition is sort of steep and, you know, it’s not an option for everyone. Or you can refuse to be the victim. Prejudice is ignorance, [Kurt]. I can guarantee you that the guy that’s bothering you, for some reason, you scare the hell out of him. But it’s a perfect time to teach him a lesson.
Kurt: How?
Blaine: Stand up to him! Call him out! I ran, Kurt. I didn’t stand up. I let those bullies chase me away. And I really, really regret it