B: Don't have anything here that is not covered by stupid little hearts?
that sucks!
K: Well, there is no doubt that you have changed your position.
B: I don't think that has made the fool in this way before, and I mean really, because I've sung in theme parks.
just ... I can not believe it all up in my head
K: okay. can I ask you something?
because we have always been completely honest with each other.
you and me pend time together, singing duets flirty together, know me order of coffee is it supposed that I had to think it was nothing?
B: What do you mean?
K: I thought the guy who wanted to leave you in the Valentine's Day was me
B: Oh! wow! but I'm really clueless. but look, kurt ... don't what I'm doing, I pretend like I do.
And how to act in a song but the truth is I've never been anyone's boyfriend.
K: Me neither.
B: Let me be very clear about something ...I really, really, I care about you but it as youand 20 guests were embarrassed, I'm not good for romance. I don't want to ruin it
K: So it's like when Harry met Sally but it me get to play with Meg Ryan
B: deal
Do not they get together in the end?
K: I can give a nonfat mocha and a medium drip for my friend Billy Crystal?
B: oh, and you know what my coffee order